Learn C#

Here is an index of my current tutorials and walkthroughs to help others learn C#. This will eventually turn into a road map of learning C# as more content gets added. More content is always being added to this page so be sure to check back often. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to make sure you do not miss any updates. Last Edited April 21, 2018

Getting Started

First Steps

 Lesson 1: Introduction to C# and .NET
 Lesson 2: Getting Started with Visual Studio
         See In Action: Creating a Console Application in Visual Studio 2015

C# The Syntax

The Basics

 Lesson 1: Variables: Primitive and Non-primitive Types
 Lesson 2: Operators and Expressions
 Lesson 3: Basics of Classes
         See In Action: Simple Tax Calculator Console Application
         See In Action: Change Calculator
 Lesson 4: Decision Making
         See In Action: Number Guessing Game
 Lesson 5: Working With Strings
         See In Action: Reverse a String
 Lesson 6: Arrays and Lists
         See In Action: Simple Address Book
 Lesson 7: Working With Dates and Times
 Lesson 8: Working with Files
 Lesson 9: Streams
 Lesson 10: Scope and Boxing


 Lesson 1: Inheritance
 Lesson 2: Polymorphism
 Lesson 3: Interfaces
 Lesson 4: Extention Methods


 Lesson 1: Generics

Windows Presentation Foundation

First Steps

 See In Action: Creating a WPF Application in Visual Studio 2015

WPF Walkthroughs

 See In Action: Simple Tax Calculator WPF Application
 See In Action: Tile Flooring Calculator WPF Application